Max Jerry Horovitz - Mary and Max

Dear We Want Cinema fan,

Unfortunately, we are no longer online! In spite of all our (inter)national prizes and recognition we did not manage to find new investors for our platform.

Between May 17th 2012 and March 1st 2015, We Want Cinema was the first platform in Europe that allowed you to start your very own movie events in the cinema or in other special locations. You decided what would be showed on the big screen, and when enough tickets were sold the event took place. From 2014 onwards, you could also request “custom events” and teachers could organise educational events.

Thanks for the tickets you bought, the amazing events you attended, your shared messages on social media and the fan mail you sent us! Maybe we will return someday, but for the time being, we wish other international platforms the best of luck with the coolest idea in a long time: Cinema On Demand.

If you have any questions, please send an email to support@wewantcinema.com.


The We Want Cinema-team